Inspiring Progress CIC is a Watford based community interest company that aims to improve the well - being of people on the autism spectrum through social communication skills


coaching/interventions and advocacy. For those of you who can not meet with us face to face then we offer all our services and interventions remotely via online platforms


such as Skype or Zoom


Inspiring Progress believes that as well as empowering people on the autism spectrum with the social communication skills needed to navigate through society


 it is also essential to provide parents/carers and professionals with  ASD/social communication skills coaching in order to improve how we communicate


          support and engage with people on the autism spectrum


As a way of ensuring that parent's/carers and individuals on the autism spectrum have a voice Inspiring Progress CIC also provides


an autism advocacy support service which includes help with the PIP process


                                                                               Inspiring Progress CIC - Opening the door to social acceptance whilst closing the door to social exclusion